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We are a roofing contractors Birmingham providing major contracts and services in the industrial and commercial sectors. We are competitively priced and high-quality roofing contractors in Birmingham for our customers.We cover all aspects of roofing relating to commercial and industrial properties, including maintenance, repairs and installation.

We specialise in commercial roofing in Birmingham with focus a on flat roofing for businesses. 

Types of Roofs

You might be under the impression that a roof is a roof. An item built to keep the sun and rain out of your property. But there are a few significant differences between commercial and residential roofing which has an impact on what type of contractor you need to enlist.

Typically a residential roof tends to be straight forward to design and install, with the only major complication arising with the obstacle of a chimney. They are traditionally steep sloped with a lower surface area than its commercial counterpart.

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Commercial roofing is far more complex, although from the outside looks less impactful.

Generally commercial roofs are flat, or with a very minimal slope, but covering a much larger surface area, often several times larger than that of a residential roof. Commercial roofs require skilled roofers that are familiar with building around air flow systems and external piping.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Birmingham

Due to their more complex nature, we offer a range of industrial and commercial roof maintenance services. Our roofing contractors birmingham are highly trained to service any type of roofing. Some types of commerical roofing we look at are the following:

Flat roofs

With a lot of commercial properties having a flat roof, we’re experts in providing maintenance to your flat roof no matter what material it is made up of. Due to their size and the higher risk of collecting rainwater in puddles, flat roofs are more susceptible to damage, but with our roofing maintenance you can look up in peace.


We can provide and install felt roofing, which is one of the most popular methods of covering a flat roof, being competitively priced and reducing the risk of fires.

We can also provide and install Asphalt roofing, which is another popular option providing a secure surface for even the most damaged and deteriorated roofs.

Other Roofing services

Leak repairs

Aside from inspecting and locating the source of your leak, we will repair and replace the area and inspect for further water damage. If your leak has affected any of your wood panels or interior items such has flooring our carpentry and birmingham joinery team can things back to normal in not time

Guttering/ Drainage

We will clear the guttering and drainage on your commercial or industrial property of debris including sticks, leaves and moss to ensure the correct flow of rainwater from your roof, thus minimising the risk of leaks and roof damage developing from collecting surface water on your flat roof.

Rainwater systems

We can install and maintain your rainwater systems to maximise your collecting abilities and save you money in the long term. Harvesting and storing rainwater is becoming essential for business owners and commercial properties to aid their eco goals.

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Whether you have a leak, need some general maintenance, or a complete roof overhaul, we can give you a personalised quote now. Just contact us for your roofing quotation.

As roofers Birmingham service, we offer everything your commercial and industrial building needs to ensure the roof over your head is safe and secure, and will last for the length you need it, and beyond.

Our roofing service is available in the following surrounding locations : Sutton Coldfield, Solihull,West Bromwich,Redditch,Sandwell,Wolverphamton,Dudley and Coventry.


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